For avid travelers who want to bring home with them wherever they go, RVs offer the ultimate on the road experience. These vehicles provide all the necessities and comforts of home while you head out on the open road.

RVs also eliminates the cost and hassle of finding somewhere to stay. You’ll never again have to sleep in an uncomfortable hotel bed or share a wall with noisy single night neighbors.

If you’re ready to try the traveling experience that RVs have to offer, a Winnebago Travato is the perfect choice for your RV experience. Though it’s smaller than most RVs, the Travato packs an incredible amount of comfort and convenience into its small space.

Here are six reasons why you should try the Winnebago Travato for your next adventure.

Winnebago Travato
My Winnebago Travato in Cataloochee Valley, nestled in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

1. Easy to Drive 

One of the things that often deters people from trying an RV is the size of the vehicle. They’re worried that they won’t be able to handle an RV on the road, especially on urban adventures. 

The Winnebago Travato is the perfect compromise for these folks. It’s 21 feet long, which is about the same size as a moving truck. It maneuvers well and when you’re behind the wheel it doesn’t feel like you’re piloting a giant vehicle. The Travato easily navigates even the most crowded urban streets, so it can go wherever you want to go. 

The Travato offers a much easier driving experience than towing a camper or piloting a larger RV. So, even if you’ve never driven a vehicle larger than your family station wagon, you’ll feel comfortable behind the wheel of a Travato. 

2. Impressive Kitchen

One concern with smaller RVs is whether they can offer all the amenities that you’re used to having at home. For example, can you really pack a fully functional kitchen into a 21-foot vehicle? And can you comfortably cook a real meal there? The impressive kitchen in the Travato proves that you can. 

The galley style kitchen in the Travato is really just a smaller version of the kitchen in your house. Everything you have at home is scaled-down and masterfully arranged to fit in the small space. 

The kitchen contains a surprisingly spacious fridge and freezer, a convection oven microwave, a two-burner propane stovetop, and a durable stainless steel sink. There’s also an amazing amount of prep and storage space. Fold-out counters allow you to add more prep space only when you need it. The cabinets are spacious enough to store anything you need. There’s even a pop-out dining room table so you can comfortably enjoy the meals you create.

The bottom line is that you can make any meal you’d cook at home in the Travato’s kitchen, and you can do so without feeling like you’re bumping into everything. 

3. Plenty of Sleeping Room

Arguably the most important part of any RV is the sleeping space. If you wanted to rough it you could go car or tent camping. When you travel in an RV, you want the comfort and good rest that a bed provides. But can you get that from an RV as small as the Travato? Of course.

The Travato offers what they call a Flex Bed system. This allows you to set up the sleeping area in a configuration that works best for you. 

The default setup is two twin beds that fold down from each of the walls. When it’s time to hit the sheets, the beds easily fold down from the wall all ready to go. When it’s time to socialize, the beds can easily be folded back up to covert the sleeping area into a living room area.

If you and your honey want to snuggle through the nights, the two twin beds can easily be converted into a single queen bed. So, you can share the same amount of bed space you might have at home while on the road. 

4. Plenty of Room to Lounge

One of the best things about traveling in an RV is that you never have to worry about having a place to relax when the weather isn’t cooperating with your travel plans. You can be completely comfortable relaxing in the living area of the Travato all day long. 

When the beds are folded up they reveal a spacious seating area. There’s a flat-panel television with a DVD player, so you can have a cozy movie day without ever leaving the comfort of your RV.

The captain’s chairs in the front of the Travato rotate all the way around, allowing you to have a second lounge area centered around the kitchen. The fold-down table in the kitchen area is a great place to play cards or board games late into the night.

5. Exterior Extras 

The Travato delivers just as much on the outside as it does on the inside.

A retractable awning provides a perfect place to sit outside that’s protected from the sun and the weather. The powerful exterior LED lights provide the illumination you need to stay outside well past dark. 

The Travato’s exterior has all the gear necessary to lug your gear on every adventure. Mounted to the back door, there’s a bike rack with space for two bikes, and a pair of kayak racks on the roof. No matter what you want to take with you, the Travago can transport it. 

6. Energy Efficient 

There’s a lot to power within any RV. You need to keep the appliances, climate control, and the lights running whenever you need them. Luckily the Travato has an incredible energy management system that provides multiple methods for powering everything you need.

A powerful generator ensures that you can always get that extra boost of power when you need it. To make the Travato even more efficient and environmentally friendly, it’s equipped with a 100-watt solar panel that trickle charges a pair of deep-cycle AGM batteries. These batteries generate enough power to run the interior lights, refrigerator and USB outlets in the vehicle for days. Push a button to crank up the generator when you need to run the microwave or air conditioning. Heat, hot water and cooking are all done using the built-in propane system. All of these options increase your ability to go completely off the grid. 

You won’t ever have to worry about whether you have enough juice to do everything you need to do with the Travato’s efficient energy system. 

Try The Winnebago Travato Today

The Winnebago Travato is the perfect way to take home with you on every adventure. It’s small enough to go anywhere you want to go, but big enough to provide a comfortable and convenient living experience. The Travato is the perfect way to explore without giving up any of the comforts of home.

Ready to give the Winnebago Travato a try? We offer daily, weekly, and monthly rental options to accommodate your ideal trip. Get in touch today to book. 

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