Rent Our Adventure Vans To Explore Western North Carolina

We love exploring Western North Carolina in our adventure vans, and we’re sure that you will too. All of our vans are built-out for adventure. They feature full bathrooms, galleys, heating and air conditioning systems, generator ors or Lithium-battery-powered – and much more. And because the vans are small (when compared to RVs), they’re nimble, easy to maneuver and park

Our vans are perfectly suited for campsites or for boon docking. They’re good for all seasons, thanks to their Truma heating systems that can be powered by propane or electric. Our vans make a great basecamp for your adventures in the great “828” – and beyond.


2020 Boldt

Luxury Drive. This Winnebago build on a Mercedes chassis is the cream of the Class B crop. With outstanding comfort for both driving and camping, a well-appointed kitchen, and a full bathroom, you’ll find this compact RV meets all your needs – with serious style!

Enjoy 12,800 watt-hours of clean, quiet power with the lithium based Pure3 Advanced Energy System. This system eliminates the need for shore-power or a generator, giving you plenty of power no matter where you’re camping.

The two twin beds can be expanded for queen-sized comfort. Captain’s chairs up front swivel to face the back when camping. The awning deploys or retracts with one button.

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